Manu Louis “Club Copy”

Artist: Manus Louis
Title: Club Copy
Format: LP, CD, Digital

Label: Igloo Records
Distribution: Broken Silence (GAS), Socadisc (France)

Genre: Experimental Pop
Release Date: 29/09/2023

Club Copy brings us a futuristic world dominated by standardisation, in which, your place on earth no longer matters. In Paris, Bangkok or Hanoi everything is the same. Visitors are doomed to find the same street, the same shops, playing the same music, frequented by people wearing the same clothes, made in the same places… 

However in one of these towns, a small oasis of resistance is emerging in spite of itself.

Club Copy, a small, outdated photocopying centre has been converted into an alternative venue.

Here, each photocopy generates new variations. Because of the obsolescence of the equipment and the technical incompetence of its managers, it is impossible to make a photocopy without deviating from the original. 

Initially on the verge of bankruptcy, the shop soon becomes a new place of resistance for the freaks….

Built on the ashes of Manu Louis‘ latest release (Front de Cadeaux’s remix of Internet), Club Copy bounces again to the sexy BPM of the slowed-down clubs. 

Manu is joined by an impressive cast of collaborators: Spanish singer from Las Victimas Civiles, Héctor Arnau; Brussels experimental jazz vocalist, Lynn Cassiers; and performer Vicente Arlandis offer their voices. Mastering by the cult Rashad Becker sculpts the bass and widens the space, and Spanish artist Escif’s hijacked covers plunge us into the heart of the beauty of the photocopy shop. Club Copy is undoubtedly the Berlin singer/producer’s most accomplished, touching and disturbing work to date.

1. Flou
2. Flu
3. Clone
4. Full
5. Peu
6. Economy
7. Winter
8. Encore 1x
9. Winner
10. Ecology

Club Copy Tour
14oct – Brussels (B) – Festival Francofaune @Un Peu
21oct – Dusseldorf (Deu) – TBA
22oct – Berlin (Deu) – Lark
26oct – Amiens (Fr) – L’accueil froid
27oct – Paris (Fr) – Café de Paris
28oct – Caen (Fr) – La demeurée
02nov – Valencia (Esp) – Centro Excursionista
03nov – Barcelona (Esp) – El Pumarejo
10nov – Charleroi (B) – Rockhrill
14nov – Birmingham (UK) – Centrala
15nov – Manchester (UK) – The Peer Hat
16nov – Newcastle (UK) – Cobalt Studio
17nov – London (UK) – Iklektik
19nov – Glasgow (Sco) – The Old Toll Bar
23nov – Chemnitz (Deu) Odradek
24nov – Dresden (Deu) – Hanse03
25nov – Leipzig (Deu) – Handstand &, Moral
09dec – Madrid (Esp) – El Juglar


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Thierry Arnal “The Occult Sources”

Artist: Thierry Arnal
Title: The Occult Sources 
Format: CD, Digital 
Labels: Atypeek Music

Genre: Dark Experimental/ Ambient/ Drone
Release Date: 15/09/2023

Thierry Arnal (musician/ visual artist) is a french based composer (Lyon, France) active since 2006 and principally working with field recordings, sound collage and computers since 2018.

Audio works by Thierry Arnal of Fragment., AMANTRA, HAST, TH-A & SEPL aliases) have been published on labels including: Justin Broadrick’s label Avalanche Recordings, Denovali, Kvitnu, Thisco Records, Peacock Window Recordings, Pharmafabrick, Mahorka, Annihilvs Power Electronix, EndTitles… as well as numerous compilation appearances and remixes.

One of his major projects, Fragment., was initiated in 2005. Later, in 2015, Fragment. transformed into a duo with Pascal Bertier on bass, resulting in their album Nothing Will Ever Be The Same. The band’s unique blend of post-rock, drone, shoegaze, doom, post-metal, and slow-core defies traditional categorization. Their compositions focus on creating dreamlike atmospheres, balancing shadows and lights, and delivering strong melodic moments and memorable themes. 

In 2019, he collaborated with filmmaker and author Laurent Courau on the ambitious project The Occult Sources: Deep Inside the Abode of Chaos. The project encompassed a film and web-series centered around La Demeure du Chaos / Musée L’Organe by Thierry Ehrmann. Thierry Arnal contributed significantly to the film’s soundtrack.The Occult Sources took the form of a twelve-episode web-series and a feature film, blending artistry and esotericism, showcasing a new underground cinema crafted for the 21st century.

The world premiere of The Occult Sources occurred in September 2019 during the L’Étrange Festival anniversary celebration in Paris. Despite pandemic-related challenges, the film was screened at select international festivals, leaving audiences captivated.

Fans of electronic music, fantasy cinema, and enchanting adventures eagerly await the release of the album The Occult Sources which is scheduled for September 15, 2023. The first excerpts from the album will be available at the beginning of the season. Stay connected to be among the first to embark on this unprecedented sonic journey to a parallel world where the magic of music transports you to uncharted territories.

Atypeek Music:

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CRABE “Visite Du Temple Inné “

Artist: CRABE
Title: Visite Du Temple Inné
Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: Les Disques Dure Vie
Distribution: Cargo
Genre: Art/ Noise- Punk
Release Date: 13/10/2023

CRABE’s (Montreal, QC) special brand of “présent-punk” blends complex structures and surreal melodies. Comprised of Mertin Hoëk (Télégraphe Jungle, IDALG, Jesuslesfilles, Leamers, etc.) and Gabriel Lapierre (Après l’Asphalte, Varger, etc.), the odd duo is known for the chaos that ensues during their live performances as well as their abandon on stage, making them a must-see artist in the Quebecexperimental music scene for over a decade.

After 15 years of scouting the mist of a still unexplored way to make music, CRABE clad itself in a multi-colored mantle made of art-punk, controlled chaos, and sonic surrealism. From their experimentations came a word that sums up their universe with accuracy and simplicity: Crabism.

Crabism is a visit within the inner temple of CRABE, a ride through a storm of ideas that build the strangest, most terrifying and attractive musical beast of Quebec’s musical spectrum.

After the release of Sentients in 2021, the whimsical duo is set to re-map a territory that only CRABE knows how to occupy as it does.

With the advent of the year 2023, CRABE draws from the depths of their being to release an new album September 29th, Visite Du Temple Inné. A series of reflections pushes the group to question the concept of rock ensembles. Embarrassed by pastiches, guitars, percussion and drums, the group tries to bring something fresh and dynamic to this porridge of ghosts from the past. On Visite Du Temple Inné, it is with great honors of sharing and vulnerability that the music is created.

1. Conscience universelle
3. Politique Dracula 22
4. Faire de la musique        
5. Je ne peux pas te dire je t’aime   
6. Nightmom        
7. 2020                     
8. Limp de quoi    
9. Nos pères se meurent    
10. Pourquoi         
11. Personne proximité


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