Ni “Fol Naïs”

Artist: Ni
Title: Fol Naïs
Format: 2xLP, CD, Digital

Label: Dur & Doux
Distribution: Broken Silence

Genre: Experimental Noise Metal
Release Date: 01/12/2023

For anyone already familiar with Ni, the title of their third album is bound to raise a smile. Fol Naïs, literally “born mad” in Old French, is the name given to the fools and jesters of history’s great rulers. This symbol of impertinence couldn’t be more appropriate for this new release from the most unclassifiable of Rhône-Alpes quartets. Renowned for their “silly and bouncy” (sic) sound, Ni tried their hand at darker, heavier music on Pantophobie (2019), reflecting the period the band was going through. The bells of Fol Naïs sound the hour for a return to faster tempos, but not without affirming an instrumental renewal:

“This is the great dilemma for any band: how to successfully carry a legacy from the past while renewing itself? With Fol Naïs, we consider it a success in this sense, as it’s an album that doesn’t feel like a rehash of Pantophobie. Pantophobie had run its course, and it was time to react. Re-accelerating the tempo could be the breaking point. We wanted to open even more doors. We wanted to tap into the energy of metal, without having the color of it since we also dipped into old formulas that unify our sound.”

Math Rock? Noise? Metal? Jazz? On these 10 new tracks, Ni delights more than ever in blurring the lines and confusing their audience, remaining true to their desire to go further in experimentation. A call to modernity, guitarists Anthony Béard and François Mignot exploit new pedals, driven by a desire for synthesizer-like sounds, deepening their alchemy with the anarchic rhythm section of Benoit Lecomte (bass) and Nicolas Bernollin (drums).

From “Zerkon”, as chaotic as it is jovial, we know that the ears we’re addressing are preferably the most seasoned. The tension is palpable on the following tracks, which are hybrids of Don Caballero and Meshuggah (“Chicot”, “Dagonet”), when they aren’t sprinkled with the breakcore of Igorrr (“Brusquet”) or the all-out rage of Botch (“Rigoletto”). Fortunately, Ni easily manages to incorporate relative breaths (“Berdic”, the triptych “Triboulet”), culminating in the slow, ambient “Cathelot”, with its hurdy-gurdy conveying a certain elevation. Pirouettes and nose-thumbing at musical convention follow one another. Which only adds to the meaning of each track on this new album, all named after real-life jesters:

Historically, the jester’s spectacles were the moments when the masks fell off. The rulers and their courts accepted all frontal and openly declamatory criticism, mixed with art, mime, something that was lived. As artists and musicians, this is how we fit in. Our own buffoonery leads us to go against the grain of what’s expected of us. You want Ni to be a jazzy noise band? Well, we’ve failed!”

It’s all there, Ni is always complex, dissonant and shaggy. But their formidable inventiveness and unexpected danceability make them a leading light in the French musical niche. With Fol NaïsNi takes another step in their quest for the Holy Grail, displaying as much mischief as wrath. Demonstration on December 1, 2023!

1. Zerkon   
2. Dagonet   
3. Brusquet   
4. Berdic   
5. Chicot   
6. Rigoletto   
7. Triboulet (Part. I)   
8. Triboulet (Part. II)
9. Triboulet (Part. III)   
10. Cathelot


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Sébastien Guérive “Obscure Clarity”

Artist: Sébastien Guérive
Title: Obscure Clarity

Format: LP, Digital 
Labels: Atypeek Music

Genre: Ambient/ Neoclassical
Release Date: 10/11/2023

Sébastien Guérive is a composer and sound engineer based in Nantes, France. After studying the cello, he quickly turned to musical creation using computer music, which opened up infinite possibilities for mixing and transforming sound material. Close to the work of a plastic artist, he is as much concerned with the textural aspect of the sound as he is with the melody. 

Since 2001 and his first album La Pense Érrante composed from collages of samples and “field recording”, he continues to develop his personal work (Io’n, Da Sweep …) and to collaborate on projects for the theater, dance, music composition for image. 

His first album as a self-titled artist, Omega Point, was released in 2020 to great acclaim from the public and the international press. The video clip for Omega II, a track taken from this album, has won numerous awards at international festivals and now boasts over 850 K views on Vimeo. 

Sébastien Guérive‘s new album Obscure Clarity blends electronic acoustics, sonic textures and more intimate piano felt moments in the spirit of neoclassical writing. 

Chorales and onomatopoeic voices run through the album, creating a universal dialogue with the listener. At times akin to religious music writing, it is the spiritual dimension that is important in this album, this sense of elevation in contrast with darker, rougher soundscapes and textures. 

There are musical climbs in the spirit of progressive rock, given by the power and thickness of the electronic sounds and the breadth of the orchestration of the acoustic instruments. With Obscure ClaritySébastien Guérive continues to compose the soundtrack for a film about the essential role of light in the development of life. 

01. On The Inside    
03. Devi   
04. Daydream   
05. Obscure Clarity I   
06. Obscure Clarity II   
07. Deva  08. Dukkha   
09. Obscure Clarity IV   
10. Shanti

Atypeek Music:

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100 Guitares Sur Un Bateau Ivre “Bateau Ivre”

Artist: 100 Guitares Sur Un Bateau Ivre
Title: Bateau Ivre
Format: CD, Digital 
Label: Daaganda Records
Genre: Experimental 
Release Date: 29/09/2023

100 Guitares Sur Un Bateau Ivre (100 guitars on a drunken boat) is an evolutionary project created by Gilles Laval in 2017, composed for 100 electric guitars. The particularity of the project is to propose to each new “stopover” in a new city, a re-creation by calling on musicians and local structures. It is a co-construction and learning project for an “eco-poetic” creation on the theme of the ocean. Based on the french poem of Arthur Rimbaud, electric guitars – popular instrument – are used in all possible forms, to explore a contemporary writing dedicated to this creation.

Gilles Laval, from solo to writing for 100 electric guitars, from small to large groups, orchestras, not forgetting the augmented guitar with movement sensors, Gilles Laval explores new forms, researches new writings, initiates singular artistic adventures. He is the artistic director of the CM production association (creation and training). He created the GSUBI structure around his latest project 100 Guitares Sur Un Bateau Ivre to promote unusual and extraordinary musical projects.

Gilles Laval started in underground groups in Lyon (punk new wave, hardcore, experimental…) in the 80′, with parallel studies of electroacoustic music with Denis Dufour. Today, he navigates between experimental music, creation and improvisation, multi-arts encounters, digital arts, always in search of new experiences, claiming gender equality between scholarly or secular music, traditional music, popular music and contemporary music.

He teaches electric guitar and free improvisation at the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Villeurbanne, where he is in charge of the amplified music department. He also created the department and curriculum of popular music at Cefedem Rhône Alpes in 2000 (higher education). He is an active and founding member of PaaLabRes (Artistic Practices in Action, Research Laboratory).

Innovation, creation, concert, transmission, experience, research, pedagogy, are fundamental elements of its environment. With always this question: what is the role of the artist in today’s society?

1. De Ses Longs Cheveux Bleus   
2. Embellie   
3. Roches   
4. Chaloupes   
5. Bateau Ivre   
6. Cachalots Hugs          
7. Unsaved

Daaganda Records:

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The Spacelords “Nectar Of The Gods”

Artist: The Spacelords
Title: Nectar Of The Gods

Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: Tonzonen Records
Distribution: Soulfood Music/ GoodToGo
Genre: Psychedelic, Space Rock
Release Date: 20/10/2023

With new album Nectar Of The GodsThe Spacelords lift their distinctive sound to new, astral heights. The time has come!

The Spacelords – the galactic grooving space rockers in the stoner space-time continuum – honor our sun sound system with their latest album Nectar Of The Gods. Its entry into the Earth’s atmosphere was calculated for the end of October!

Nectar Of The Gods is the 6th studio album on the Tonzonen Records label. The exceptional formation was founded in 2008 and is since May 2014 in their classic, perfect line-up, which inspires an ever-growing fan base worldwide.

After effusive reactions to the first five studio albums, The Spacelords open with Nectar Of The Gods another, so far unheard-of chapter in their original, magical space-atlas.

The trio’s constantly reinventing, deeply interwoven interplay is increasingly captivating the stoner, space and kraut rock community with its devotional joy of playing, as only true friends can muster.

On one of the four epic new tracks on Nectar Of The Gods the gigantic attraction of the massive Spacelords star has once again attracted a sympathetic emissary from the neighboring keyboard universe: Lost Sound Of Lemuria is enhanced by friend Guest Lord, namely Jens Eberhard of Jewelled Moon, with brilliant Fender Rhodes and organ sounds.

Four impressive new songs were created in the home studio, which have both a high recognition value, and know how to convince atmospherically.

Nectar Of The Gods is released on Digipack CD, limited label edition LP (yellow vinyl) and regular LP (black vinyl), as well as a digital release.

1. Nectar Of The Gods 
2. Endorphine High
3. Mindscapes
4. Lost Sounds Of Lemuria


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