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Labels (in alphabetical order, click name for release information):

Acuarela (España)
A Tendeversion Recording
Alerta Antifascista Records (Germany)
Aloud Music Ltd. (España)
Apocaplexy Records (Germany)
Atlas Records (Sweden)
Atypeek Music (France)
Battle Worldwide Recordings (United Kingdom)
ConSouling Sounds (Belgium)
DeAmbula Records (Italia)
Denovali Records (Germany)
Devouter Records (United Kingdom)
Dunk!Records (Belgium)
Elite Records (Germany)
Empty Tape (Denmark)
Expect Candy (Germany)
Fake Chapter Records (USA)
Finaltune Records (Germany)
Forward Music Group (Canada)
Geenger Records (Croatia)
Get A Life! Records (Switzerland)
Golden Antenna Records (Germany)
Horny Records (Sweden)
Kapitän Platte (Germany)
Karisma Records (Norway)
Klonosphère (France)
Lexicon Devil Records (Australia)
Mazarine Records (USA)
Music Fear Satan (France)
Murkhouse Recordings (USA)
OSCL Records (Australia)
Oxide Tones (Germany)
Pelagic Records (Germany)
Phantom Records (Germany)
PonyRec (Denmark)
Radar Swarm (France)
Red Tape Records (Australia)
Ruins Records (France)
Sick Man Getting Sick Records (Germany)
Silber Records (USA)
Siloh Records (USA)
Sister Jack (Germany)
Sliptrick Records (USA)
Solar Flare Records (France)
Sound Devastation (United Kingdom)
Tambourhinoceros (Denmark)
Temple Of Torturous (Sweden)
Temporary Residence Ltd. (USA)
The Big Oil Recording Company (Denmark)
Throat Ruiner Records (France)
Tonzonen Records (Germany)
Trust No One Recordings (Sweden)
Underdogma Records (USA)

Artists (in alphabetical order):

A Dead Forest Index (Australia)
A Shape (France)
Airbag (Norway)
Airpeople (Germany)
Al'Tarba (France)
Alaskan (Canada)
Alfie Ryner (France)
Alkerdeel (Belgium)
Aluk Todolo (France)
Amantra (France)
American Heritage (USA)
Anarchist Republic Of Bzzz (France)
A. Armada (USA)
Arms And Sleepers (USA)
ApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarz (Switzerland)
April Fishes (France)
As A New Revolt (France)
Ascetic: (Australia)
Asger Techau (Denmark)
August Rosenbaum (Denmark)
Atavismo (España)
AUN (Canada)

Ball (Sweden)
Bardus (USA)
Below The Sun (Russia)
Bersarin Quartett (Germany)
Big Business (USA)
BISON (Canada)
Bjørn Riis (Norway)
Blackfilm (United Kingdom)
Blaze Foley (USA)
Birds Of Passage (New Zealand)
Blacklevel Embassy (Australia)
Black Shape Of Nexus (Germany)
Blueneck (United Kingdom)
Brother Sun, Sister Moon (New Zealand/ UK)

Ça (France)
Cancel The Apocalypse (France)
Canyons Of Static (USA)
Cantenac Dagar (France)
Carlos Cipa (Germany)
Catacombe (Portugal)
Celeste (France)
Celestial Wolves (Belgium)
Chains In The Shed (USA)
Chaman Chômeur (France)
Chantal Morte (France)
Charming Timur (Finnland)
Chromb! (France)
Chvad SB (USA)
Cocks Arquette (Australia)
Collapse Under The Empire (Germany)
Condre Scr (Germany)
Consecration (Serbia)
Contemporary Noise Sextet (Poland)
Co-Pilgrim (United Kingdom)
Cortez (Switzerland)
Cowards (France)
CTM - Cæcilie Trier Musik (Denmark)
Çub (France)
Cult Of Luna (Sweden)
Cut The Navel String (France)
Dale Cooper Quartet &The Dictaphones (France)
Dark Radish (France)
Datashock (Germany)
Daturah (Germany)
Deantoni Parks (USA)
Death Engine (France)
Del Rey (USA)
Derby Derby (France)
Die! Die! Die! (New Zealand)
Dog In The Snow (United Kingdom)
Dominic (Norway)
Double Nelson (France)
Earthlimb (Germany)
EF (Sweden)
Efterklang (Denmark)
Eliogabal (France)
Emil Amos (USA)
Emphasis (Croatia)
Enablers (USA)
Ehnahre (USA)
Exxasens (España)
Exec (Denmark)
Fabrik Fabrik (Germany)
Fall Of Efrafa (United Kingdom)
Falling Stacks (United Kingdom)
Fashion Week (USA)
Feral Kizzy (USA)
Field Rotation (Germany)
Fotocrime (USA)
Fragment. (France)
From Monument To Masses (USA)
Fvnerals (United Kingdom)
Gabriel Hibert (France)
Gatherer (Australia)
Gathiens (USA)
Generation Of Vipers (USA)
Get Your Gun (Denmark)
Greyfell (France)
Ha Det Bra (Croatia)
Halma (Germany)
Hangman's Chair (France)
Heaven In Her Arms (Japan)
Herr Geisha & The Boobs (France)
Her Name Is Calla (United Kingdom)
Heirs (Australia)
Hellmotel (France)
Himmellegeme (Norway)
Hippie Diktat (France)
HoaxHoax (France)
Hyenas (Germany)
Hypno5e (France)
Ilydaen (Belgium)
Implore (Germany)
Inc. No World (USA)
Infinite Light, Ltd. (Canada/ United Kingdom)
In Love With (France)
Ira (Germany)
Irah (Denmark)
Iroha (United Kingdom)
ICSIS (France)
Jacques Barbéri & Laurent Pernice (France)
Jessica93 (France)
Kai Reznik (France)
Kerretta (New Zealand)
Kidcrash (USA)
Kim Baxter (USA)
.Klein (Germany)
Klone (France)
Kodiak (Germany)
Kom (Germany)
Kongh (Sweden)
Kouma (France)
O (Kreis) (Germany, NL, Belgium)
Kruger (Switzerland)
Labirinto (Brasil)
Lazarus Blackstar (United Kingdom)
L'Effondras (France)
Les Fragments De La Nuit (France)
Lento (Italy)
Leonardo Rosado (Portugal)
Les Lekin (Austria)
LLNN (Denmark)
Lo! (Australia)
Lockerbie (Iceland)
Lost In Kiev (France)
Lucrate Milk (France)
Louis Minus XVI (France)
Lynhood (France)
Manuel Adnot (France)
Majeure (USA)
Major Parkinson (Norway)
Margaret Catcher (France)
Maserati (USA)
Membrane (France)
Michael Feuerstack (Canada)
MilesDavisQuintet! (France)
Milkilo (France)
Minot (USA)
Mismerizer (France)
Moloken (Sweden)
Mono (Japan)
Mooncake (Russia)
Monophona (Luxembourg)
Mouse On The Keys (Japan)
My Education (USA)
Nadja (Canada)
Neil On Impression (Italy)
Ni (France)
Nihiling (Germany)
Noyades (France)
Oaken (Hungary)
Oh! Pears (USA)
Omega Massif (Germany)
Oneirogen (USA)
Owls Are Not (Poland)
Owun (France)

PacificUV (USA)
Pallace Winter (Denmark)
Pan+Me (France)
Paper Beat Scissors (Canada)
Patrick Dorobisz (France)
Petrels (United Kingdom)
pg.lost (Sweden)
Phantom Winter (Germany)
Philippe Petit (France)
Pigs (USA)
Pitch Black Process (Turkey)
Planks (Germany)
Polymorphie (France)
Poppy Ackroyd (United Kingdom)
Pord (France)
Povarovo (Russia)
Pray For Sound (USA)
Psykup (France)
Pù (France)
Queen Elephantine (USA)
Radare (Germany)
Rangleklods (Denmark)
Red City Noise (France)
Rosetta (USA)
Saffronkeira (Italy)
Sangre de Muerdago (España)
Sankt Otten (Germany)
Sathönay (France)
Scraps Of Tape (Sweden)
Schlaasss (France)
Selaxon Lutberg (Italy)
September Malevolence (Sweden)
Serpent Eater (Germany)
Sette Ci (7C) (Italia)
Seven Impale (Norway)
Shaman Elephant (Norway)
Shadow Ray (Denmark)
Sheik Anorak (France)
Sinah (United Kingdom)
Silver Snakes (USA)
sleepmakeswaves (Australia)
Snap (France)
Schwule Nuttenbullen (Germany)
Sofy Major (France)
Sons Of Alpha Centauri (United Kingdom)
Soon (USA)
Splitter (Germany)
Spook (Switzerland)
Sternlumen (Denmark)
Stone Cavalli (France)
Subinterior (Italy)
Sun Worship (Germany)
Suzanne'Silver (Italia)
Svin (Denmark)
Swaying Wires (Finland)
Switchblade (Sweden)

Takaakira "Taka" Goto (of MONO, Japan)
Talvihorros (United Kingdom)
Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving (Australia)
Telepathy (United Kingdom)
Tephra (Germany)
Terebenthine (France)
Terminal Cheesecake (United Kingdom)
Terminal Sound System (Australia)
Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden)
The Highbrow (Germany)
The Marigold (Italia)
The Micronaut (Germany)
The New Spring (Denmark)
The Night Terrors (Australia)
The Ocean (Germany)
This Side Of Jordan (France)
The Shaking Sensations (Denmark)
The Soundbyte (Norway)
The Spacelords (Germany)
Tiny Fingers (Israel)
Toundra (España)
Toys'R'Noise (France)
Tombouctou (France)
The Alvaret Ensemble (Germany, UK, NL)
The Eye Of Time (France)
The Great Sabatini (Canada)
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (NL)
The Last 3 Lines (España)
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (NL)
The Nest (Germany)
The Old Wind (Sweden)
The Pirate Ship Quintet (United Kingdom)
The Samuel Jackson Five (Norway)
The Shaking Sensations (Denmark)
Thisquietarmy (Canada)
Traktor (Sweden)
Throwers (Germany)
Tripes (France)
Twinesuns (Switzerland)

uKanDanZ (France/ Ethiopia)
Ultra Panda (France)
Until The Uprising (France)
Vaka (Sweden)
Wang Wen (China)
Watertank (France)
We like We (Denmark)
We Stood Like Kings (Belgium)
William Hooker Quartet (France)
White Darkness (The Netherlands)
Wobbler (Norway)
Wovoka (USA)
Yawning Sons (United Kingdom/ USA)
Year Of No Light (France)
Zeus! (Italia)
Zinnschauer (Germany)