CRABE “Visite Du Temple Inné “

Artist: CRABE
Title: Visite Du Temple Inné
Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: Les Disques Dure Vie
Distribution: Cargo
Genre: Art/ Noise- Punk
Release Date: 13/10/2023

CRABE’s (Montreal, QC) special brand of “présent-punk” blends complex structures and surreal melodies. Comprised of Mertin Hoëk (Télégraphe Jungle, IDALG, Jesuslesfilles, Leamers, etc.) and Gabriel Lapierre (Après l’Asphalte, Varger, etc.), the odd duo is known for the chaos that ensues during their live performances as well as their abandon on stage, making them a must-see artist in the Quebecexperimental music scene for over a decade.

After 15 years of scouting the mist of a still unexplored way to make music, CRABE clad itself in a multi-colored mantle made of art-punk, controlled chaos, and sonic surrealism. From their experimentations came a word that sums up their universe with accuracy and simplicity: Crabism.

Crabism is a visit within the inner temple of CRABE, a ride through a storm of ideas that build the strangest, most terrifying and attractive musical beast of Quebec’s musical spectrum.

After the release of Sentients in 2021, the whimsical duo is set to re-map a territory that only CRABE knows how to occupy as it does.

With the advent of the year 2023, CRABE draws from the depths of their being to release an new album September 29th, Visite Du Temple Inné. A series of reflections pushes the group to question the concept of rock ensembles. Embarrassed by pastiches, guitars, percussion and drums, the group tries to bring something fresh and dynamic to this porridge of ghosts from the past. On Visite Du Temple Inné, it is with great honors of sharing and vulnerability that the music is created.

1. Conscience universelle
3. Politique Dracula 22
4. Faire de la musique        
5. Je ne peux pas te dire je t’aime   
6. Nightmom        
7. 2020                     
8. Limp de quoi    
9. Nos pères se meurent    
10. Pourquoi         
11. Personne proximité


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