Leda Atomica “s/t”

Artist: Leda Atomica
Title: s/t
Format: Digital 
Label: Atypeek Music
Genre: Synth Punk
Release Date: 17/11/2023

This album dates back to 1986 and was only released on cassette. Leda Atomica is a cult French band, and it was based in Marseille, a sort of country within a country with its own codes and rules. Yaref Ben Hazim, who has worked on mastering or videos for Moodie Black, Barbara Panther, E.D.O., Oto, Chris Conde, Miles Bevier, Geins’t Naït, and more, was tasked with remastering this forgotten cult album. Leda Atomica was contemporaneous (in the 1980s) with other unique French groups such as Kas Product, Oto, Geins’t Naït, Trisomie 21, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Taxi Girl. A particularly bold, dark, and intense scene.

Leda Atomica, the legendary punk rock band hailing from Marseille, was launched in the 90s by the creative minds of Phil Spectrum and Nick Zaroff. Their unrestrained energy and deadpan humor quickly propelled them onto French stages, securing opening slots for legends such as The Cramps, Iggy Pop, and Bashung, while leaving their mark at prestigious events like the Printemps de Bourges and Francofolies. Over the years, Leda Atomica evolved to become much more than just a music band. Transformed into a collective of musician-actors (LAM), Leda Atomica Musique embraced a multitude of arts and stage disciplines to offer shows of unparalleled diversity.

In addition to being an accomplished rock band, LAM also invested in a record label, a recording studio, and a series of innovative artistic creations. Their continuous collaboration with theater, street art, dance, pyrotechnics, cabaret, and visual arts makes them a major player in the contemporary artistic scene. Founded by the talented Phil Spectrum, Leda Atomica Musique is, in fact, the continuation of the famous Leda Atomica group, of which he was one of the co-founders. After touring concert venues throughout France and beyond, Leda Atomicamade the bold decision to transform into an artistic collective, giving birth to the LAM label in 1990.

To this day, Leda Atomica has become much more than just a punk rock band. It is a true artistic phenomenon, a kaleidoscope of talents and creative expressions that constantly pushes the boundaries of live performance. The French artistic scene, especially the Marseille scene, would definitely not be the same without the audacity and originality of Leda Atomica Musique.

1. Ouverture   
2. La Marche Infernale   
3. Couleurs Sur Souris   
4. Rocky XVI   
5. La Marche De Caligula   
6. Géronimo   
7. Le Bal Des Décors-Tickets   
8. Magie Noire   
9. Le Rap Des Carpathes   
10. Get You A Gun   
11. Charles Dexter Word   
12. Transylvannian’s Aftershave   
13. Le Bal Des Vampires   
14. Cybernetik Sex   
15. Caravane   
16. Hardaströ   
17. Aube / Final

Smartlink: https://orcd.co/bvd5bdj
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ledaatomicamusique
Label: https://atypeekmusic.com/ledaatomica

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