Mushroom Giant “In A Forest”

Artist: Mushroom Giant
Title: In A Forest
Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: Bird’s Robe Records
Distribution: MGM
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Release Date: 28/04/2023

Mushroom Giant have announced the release of their highly anticipated new album In A Forestthrough Australian label Bird’s Robe.

They will celebrate the release of the record with their European debut at Belgium’s Dunk Festival in May, alongside WE LOST THE SEA, MAYBESHEWILL, GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT & AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR.

Before they depart, they will also perform with Japanese post-rock legends MONO in Melbourne in March, as well as co-headlining at The Vanguard in Sydney on May 6 with SEIMS & SOLKYRI.

Known for their live performances which offer an aural and visual experience that transcend the conventional rock band, they explore a theatrical realm full of colour and imagery.

The record showcases the band’s dark, progressive, cinematic sound, which has been a hallmark of their 15-year career to date.

Formed in 2002, the band have become a legendary part of the Australian underground music scene and performed alongside many notable post-rock artists including MONO, PELICAN, SLEEPMAKESWAVES, WE LOST THE SEA & more.

The album will be co-released on the iconic post-rock label Dunk Records and available on digital, CD & LP formats.

1. Owls
2. Vestige
3. Earthrise 
4. Aire River Rapids
5. Mountain Ash
6. And the Earthly Remains
7. The Green Expanse


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