Edredon Sensible “Montagne Explosion”

Artist: Edredon Sensible
Title: Montagne Explosion
Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: self-released
Distribution: L’Autre Distribution
Genre: Free Jazz/ Improv
Release Date: 31/03/2023

Trance music, minimalist jazz almost primitive. Explosive. This is the Edredon Sensible quartet, from Toulouse, France on their new album Montagne Explosion.

In their music we find ardour and faith, body and mind. Two relentless polyrhythmic drummers and two tenor and baritone saxophonists take an insane pleasure in stretching out attacks and playing them in infinite loops, refreshing lovers of an elementary but wild jazz, focused on trance, with their roots set in every continent.

1. Poulet gondolé (Chasuble)           
2. Une bonne soupe au lard             
3. GQ
4. Quand lo pastour bai amouda                 
5. Where is un alcool japonais qui aime se baigner en restant à la même température
6. Peut-être Ben Hurble
7. Danke Schoen Paul                       
8. Gros Pinson Crusoé

Facebook: https://facebook.com/EdredonSensible  
Instagram: https://instagram.com/edredonsensible  
Bandcamp: https://edredonsensible.bandcamp.com  

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