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Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 09:43 CET:

ENDLESS DIVE "A Brief History Of A Kind Human":


Endless Dive is an instrumental band based in Brussels and Tournai. Influenced by post-rock, electronic and hardcore music, the band delivers a dynamic sound, oscillating between ambient and punchy riffs taking you on a musical journey.

After releasing a self-titled EP and a full LP Falltime, the band toured in France, Germany, Czech Republic or Slovakia ; and played in venues like Botanique and Dour Festival. After two years of living in a pandemic, Endless Dive is back with a new album called A Brief History Of A Kind Human, which is the result of the bandís instrumental music and Arthur Senteís poetry and photography.
This new album is the result of a long wait, opportunities, ups and downs
and more than two years of work. Itís also the combination of our music and the work of friend Arthur Sente who wrote poetry and gave the band some of his personal photos for this record. Through the space left for interpretation and suggestion in our music, we gave him an opportunity to express himself and add a deeper meaning to this project.

Endless Dive went into the writing process in 2019 with the intention of putting more of themselves into it. They left more space for improvisation, creativity and tried to make things less predictable. The quartet also decided to explore and experiment with adding synths, drum machines and electronic layers. The band had the chance to do some pre-production work with French producer Amaury Sauvť. He provided useful tips on how to visualize the music, have a better understanding of the creative process and manage the intensity in the songs. Endless Dive really grew a lot from this experience, this album would not have been the same without him. Shortly after, COVID- 19 outbreak happened and forced the band to cancel the record session with Amaury. Unable to cross the border, they had to find another studio and endured several other cancellations in the months that followed. Despite the uncertainty and frustration, this provided the time to go deeper into our songs and start learning more about music production and theory.

Finally, in February 2021, almost a year later, Endless Dive went to record and mix the songs with friend Louis Goessens at the Attic Home Studio, a place where theyíve always felt at home. The closeness and trust between the band and Louis made it possible to carry out important work on the arrangements and the mix, probably the most complex since the beginning of the band. This project is also the result of multiple collaborations with the creative forces from around the band's area in Belgium. Itís a way to put some amazing talents under the spotlight and thank them for their incredible work and dedication. More than ever, new album A Brief History Of A Kind Human is about sharing a slice of our life, a taste of how we feel, a brief history of some kind humans...

Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: Luik Music
Genre: Post-Rock
Release Date: 11/02/2022

Facebook: https://facebook.com/endlessdive
Bandcamp: https://endlessdive.bandcamp.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/endless_dive
Label: https://luikstories.com


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