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Monday, October 18, 2021, 08:21 CET:

MALO MORAY "Improvisations From The Solar System":


Malo Moray strives for understanding human existence through means of immersive experimental improvisations in unconventional musical settings inspired by the cosmos, science-fiction and obsolete sounds.

His latest album Improvisations From The Solar System (And Other Solo Pieces) is „the dark soundtrack to a dystopian Stanley Kubrick movie about the solitude of an astronaut drifting desperately lonely through space“ as press reports. Martin Riebel aka Malo Moray is the protagonist of this challenging ominous soundtrack, reflecting the vastness and isolation of space back onto his own depressive experiences during the COVID-crisis.

Malo‘s solo project is an ongoing experiment combining experimental music, ambient, kraut, neo- classical and jazz into a unique outburst of musical energies: Modified tape players, a prepared guitar and multiple self built synths orbit his virtuos electronically processed upright bass playing; emitting vast sound scapes reminiscing 80s sci-fi sound design emerging from the avant-garde works of Lou Reed, Brian Eno or John Zorn.

Intersed with a subtle sarcasm, the new album orbits human existence itself - the indifference and meaning of humankind in the eye of the frightening power and tremendous beauty of nature‘s creation.

Improvisations From The Solar System (And Other Solo Pieces) will be out November 26th, 2021 on all streaming platforms, on CD and on tape as a Bandcamp Exclusive limited HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE edition tape.

Format: Tape, CD, Digital
Label: self-released
Genre: Experimental
Release Date: 19/11/2021

Official: www.malo.cool
Bandcamp: https://malomoray.bandcamp.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/malomoray


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