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Futura Records is an independant French jazz label, created in 1969 by Gérard Terronès († 2017) and located in Paris, France. Most of the releases go back to recordings made in early 70's. The label has several brands / sub-labels offering different stylistic orientations: Futura GER (main stream and free jazz), Futura Swing (swing jazz), Futura Son (experimental), Futura Red (progressive rock) and Futura Voice (focus on vocals).

Atypeek Music and Futura Marge reissue this mythical catalog (Archie Shepp, Barney Willem, Michel Portal, Jacques Thollot, Roy Haynes, Abbey Lincoln, David Murray, Hilton Ruiz, Pepper Adams, Sunny Murray, Billy Harper, Stu Martin, Sonny Sharrock, Philly Joe Jones, Sam Rivers...) on all digital platforms and via Bandcamp. Discover many rare albums that are finally available to listen!

Format: Digital
Label: Atypeek Music / Futura Records
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 08/03/2019 (EU)

Official: http://futuramarge.free.fr
Web: http://www.futuramarge.com/Futura_Marge.html
Bandcamp: https://futuramarge.bandcamp.com/album/futura-marge-vol-1
Label: http://www.atypeekmusic.com


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