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Friday, January 25, 2019, 10:10 CET:



Known as pioneers of the new era noise rap scene Moodie Black has snuggly nestled themselves into alt rap lore. Over a decade strong Moodie Black has earned a reputation of being harshly uncompromising while showcasing their affinity for mood and atmosphere.

"Originally we had no intention on releasing MB I I I in the states. But this is 2019 and MB is world-wide so here it is. For this release we have teamed up with 2 French labels one is Atypeek Music who is handling the digital overseas content and the other is Rotorelief which will be releasing a 10 inch special edition vinyl that will include a track not on the digital release. Fake Four is also involved helping per usual with our states work.

Our world premiere was foiled. But MB is hardly ever contained. Thanks to the power of the content alone we have had the privilege of touring the world, being on one of the best labels in the country, and constantly popping up in national and international conversations in regards to our work. So. we continue on with MB I I I. We continue to destroy the glass ceilings.

«Noise rap pioneers» Moodie Black, called «brilliant and formidable» (Noisey), will release MB III, the third installment in a series of breakout EPs that began with MB which caught the attention of Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop) and led to their signing with label Fake Four Inc. Standout tracks «Hipster Death», «Crow», and «Totem» from the first two EPs are lauded by the group’s fanbase as cult classics.

The upcoming MB III EP is no exception, with Moodie Black referring to it as their «freshest work since Nausea.» The group’s most recent record Lucas Acid was released on Fake Four Inc. in April of 2018 and landed press features in OUT, Bandcamp, and Self- Titled Mag. Lead vocalist Kdeath says the new EP is also the precursor to the next full length record to be released this fall via Fake Four - Moodie Black S T A T I C.

Format: Digital, CD, 10"
Label: Atypeek Music/ Fake Four Inc. / Rotorelief
Genre: Underground Rap/ Noise
Release Date: 15/02/2019 (EU)

Official: http://www.moodieblack.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/moodieblackdeath
Bandcamp: https://moodieblackdeath.bandcamp.com
Atypeek Music: http://www.atypeekmusic.com
Fake Four Inc.: http://fakefourinc.com
Rotorelief: https://rotorelief.com


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