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Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 10:32 CET:

SPEAKER BITE ME "Future Plans":


Speaker Bite Me are back after 11 years with a new album!

Danish experimental rock quartet Speaker Bite Me will release their 6th album Future Plans on October 12, 2018.

Even though it has been 11 years since their latest album Action Painting, the band never split up. On the contrary, they have always been in touch, composing and playing live.

Martin Ilja Ryum (vocals and guitar), Kasper Deurell (bass); Emil Landgren (drums) and Signe HÝirup Wille- JÝrgensen (vocals and guitar) have pretty much their own way of working and writing. Itís like a solid marriage, where everything has to be in good harmony, before they release anything new. But that time is now! Future Plans was written in frustration and with this release the quartet shows that age isnít hindering anything, neither fresh curiousity nor a seek for violence in their sound.

Future Plans is based on frustration at the crisis that we are experiencing.

Signe on the themes of the album: "Denmark has always been a divided country, but for the last decades we have seen a polarization. The gap between the poor and the rich has grown. You see this everywhere in Europe. The relation between people disapears. Maybe because we fell powerless. We get self centered? Instead of enjoying our wealth, we fight to keep our own surplus. We try to look at all that on the album. We all need to stay together give real meaning to our lives, without anxiety. We need to focus and concentrate, so that we all, together, can solve today's problems. We hope that our music can be part of that and release some of the tension."

As Speaker Bite Me sing on the title track: "A call for future plans / We believe we all must go / Go!"

Speaker Bite Me did find a new ally in Nis Bysted (Iceage, Lower, Choir of Young Believers a.o.) who was in charge of the mixing of the album. He was the best equipped to capture the noise that Speaker Bite Me wants to communicate as a band. Therefore the album is recorded live and the result is a real and authentic rock album.

Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: PonyRec.
Distribution: The Orchard
Genre: Experimental Rock
Release date: 12/10/2018

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/speakerbiteyou
Label: http://ponyrec.dk


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