Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 12:00 CET:

RADARE "Der Endless Dream":


After four years of meticulous songwriting, Radare return with their fourth album titled Der Endless Dream. In contrast to their previous, self-recorded album Im Argen, the Wiesbaden and Leipzig-based band chose to record Der Endless Dream with Lari Eiden at Lunar City Studio in Darmstadt. The result is a sonic journey characterised by droning synths, soothing woodwind, and wailing guitars, for fans of Slint, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, and the soundtrack of Twin Peaks.

Der Endless Dream explores the confusion of adolescent desires in a collage of warm greys and dark earth tones, retaining the cinematic aspects of previous records, but exchanges the narrative focus for one more diverse and scenic.

Whilst the band’s debut album, Infinite Regress (2010), was an affair of heavy riffing and abrasive textures— a sound they moved away from on 2011’s Hyrule— it was their 2015 album, Im Argen (also released by Golden Antenna Records), which marked the fruition of a more contemplative sound dominated by Rhodes piano and brushed drums. Der Endless Dream is a further progression from that sound, being more guitar and synth-driven, and features an updated line-up of Fabian Bremer (guitars, synths), Henrik Eichmann (drums, clarinet), Jobst M. Feit (guitars, synths), and Dominik Fink. Fink replaces long- time band member Matthias Jurisch on bass and adds a different tonal color to the album with his saxophone.

Der Endless Dream was mixed by Henrik Eichmann and mastered by Harris Newman, the latter of whom has previously worked with bands such as Timber Timbre and Arcade Fire. The album features cover art and packaging designed by Fabian Bremer, and will be released on the 29th of March in all formats through Golden Antenna Records.

1. Loup de mer
2. Stalked
3. Eternal Love
4. Der Endless Dream
5. Who Put the Fear in You
6. Room
7. Second Son

Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: Golden Antenna Records
Distribution: Broken Silence
Genre: Jazz/ Experimental
Release Date: 29/03/2019

Official: http://radaremusic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radare
Bandcamp: https://radare.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.goldenantenna.com


Monday, February 11, 2019, 09:02 CET:



Futura Records is an independant French jazz label, created in 1969 by Gérard Terronès († 2017) and located in Paris, France. Most of the releases go back to recordings made in early 70's. The label has several brands / sub-labels offering different stylistic orientations: Futura GER (main stream and free jazz), Futura Swing (swing jazz), Futura Son (experimental), Futura Red (progressive rock) and Futura Voice (focus on vocals).

Atypeek Music and Futura Marge reissue this mythical catalog (Archie Shepp, Barney Willem, Michel Portal, Jacques Thollot, Roy Haynes, Abbey Lincoln, David Murray, Hilton Ruiz, Pepper Adams, Sunny Murray, Billy Harper, Stu Martin, Sonny Sharrock, Philly Joe Jones, Sam Rivers...) on all digital platforms and via Bandcamp. Discover many rare albums that are finally available to listen!

Format: Digital
Label: Atypeek Music / Futura Records
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 08/03/2019 (EU)

Official: http://futuramarge.free.fr
Web: http://www.futuramarge.com/Futura_Marge.html
Bandcamp: https://futuramarge.bandcamp.com/album/futura-marge-vol-1
Label: http://www.atypeekmusic.com


Thursday, January 31, 2019, 14:00 CET:

HELHEIM "Rignir":


For well over two decades Helheim have represented their Norse heritage through their music and their lyrics, with an authenticity and an integrity that is frequently diluted within the so-called "Viking" genres. With Rignir, their 10th full length, the band again turned to their heritage when writing the poems that form the lyrics for the album, drawing inspiration from the ljóðaháttr, an Old Norse alliterative verse form used largely in the Eddas.

As to the actual subject matter of Rignir, which translated means Rain, Helheim explain: "This time around we have been very inspired by the local weather of Bergen. The autumn and winter seasons can summon the darkest of feelings within oneself, and this backdrop served as the fertilizer that would germinate the seeds of our lyrical ideas. Exploring the darkness of nature as something that can be seen, as well as sensed, it became a canvas where the pen drew words that rose from the depths of solemnity and alienation. Although each track depicts an ever-growing intensity of suffering and loss, there’s still a dialogue on how to maintain some sort of sanity or inner peace."

Rignir sees Helheim continue to push boundaries. By maintaining the trademark harsh vocals of the past, whist developing the use of clean vocals and expanding the use of harmonies, reminiscent of bands such as Seigmen and the early works of Ulver, the album expands the vocal range of V’gandr and H’grimnir. The result is intriguing, yet familiar, and unmistakably Helheim.

Carrying further the use of orchestral percussion of past releases, Rignir boast soaring guitars, atmosphere and heavy riffs, all underpinned by the signature drumming style of Hrymr. Take everything that made landawarijaR great and double it! Helheim remains heavy, progressive, atmospheric and unique.

To commemorate the release, Helheim will embark on a full European tour entitled Strange Rain together with Vulture Industries, fronted by the bands long-time producer Bjørnar E. Nilsen, and label mates Madder Mortem. Together they form a package perfectly representing the width and uniqueness of the Norwegian metal scene.

1. Rignir
2. Kaldr
3. Hagl
4. Snjóva
5. Ísuð
6. Vindarblástr
7. Stormviðri
8. Vetrarmegin

Format: 2xLP, CD, Digital
Label: Dark Essence Records
Distribution: Soulfood (Germany), Plastic Head (International)
Genre: Viking Metal
Release Date: 26/04/2019

Official: http://www.helheim.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/helheimnorway
Bandcamp: https://helheim.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.darkessencerecords.no


Thursday, January 31, 2019, 12:30 CET:

LUCY IN BLUE "In Flight":


The Icelandic rock/metal scene has been thriving the past years, but we haven’t seen too many psychedelic and progressive rock bands yet. So, let us introduce Lucy In Blue, a young quartet who really has made a great northern sounding blend inspired by the early work of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Camel and the great psychedelic and progressive masters of the late 60’s/early 70’s.

Formed in 2013, Lucy In Blue released their self-titled debut album via Bandcamp in 2016, and, since then, the band's young lineup of Arnaldur Ingi Jonsson on keyboards and vocals, Kolbeinn Þorsson on drums, Matthias Hlifar Mogensen on bass and vocals, and Steinþor Bjarni Gislason on guitar and vocals have been stunning crowds in their native Iceland with their soaring guitar solos and intense build-ups that take the listener for a ride through the psychedelic soundscapes and the progressive song writing styles of the 1970’s.

Lucy In Blue has a unique take on early psychedelic prog rock, and it’s a pleasure to invite you to go In Flight with them.

Lucy In Blue will play a release show at the Roadburn Festival 2019.

1. Alight, pt 1
2. Alight, pt 2
3. Respire
4. Matricide
5. Nuverandi
6. Tempest
7. In Flight
8. On Ground

Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: Karisma Records
Distribution: Soulfood (Germany), Plastic Head (International)
Genre: Psychedelic Prog Rock
Release Date: 12/04/2019

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lucyinblue
Bandcamp: https://lucyinblue.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.karismarecords.no


Thursday, January 31, 2019, 12:00 CET:

NO MAN'S VALLEY "Outside The Dream":


Enter a country of musical shapeshifters. A vast wasteland of the mind and soul. Its soundtrack is simultaneously psychedelic, dark, melancholic, psychotic, powerful yet gentle. Welcome to No Man’s Valley.

No Man’s Valley is a five-piece band from the south of the Netherlands who have been jamming together for over 5 years now. After releasing two EPs and their highly acclaimed debut full length Time Travel in 2016 on Nasoni Records the band toured Europe, played the renowned Freak Valley Festival in 2018, and a truck load of shows with bands like The Stranglers (UK), Naxatras (GR), Buddha Sentenza (DE), Giobia (IT), Arbouretum (USA), Donnerwetter (NL), and The Sore Losers (BE). Their single The Wolves Are Coming was included in the upcoming video game Wreckfest and has reached over 300.000 streams on Spotify.

Outside The Dream is No Man’s Valley's most personal work to date. The art and lyrical concept originate from a period of inner turmoil visualized in the tunnel on the outside and inside of the LP. The creation of the album proved to be a cathartic process, and it taught the band that music can truly be a healing power. However, Outside The Dream could not have been made by No Man's Valley alone. The band acknowledges and cherishes all of the good people that made this release possible by donating and pre- ordering massively through the successful crowdfunding campaign. The record label Tonzonen Records has also played a vital role in its creation.

The recording process of Outside The Dream was more compact than ever with the band spending only four days cramped together in a b&b-studio near Utrecht with producer/mixer Matthijs Kievit. Most of it was recorded live with the full band for that connected band-feel. All of the vocals were recorded separately in a menacing five hours at Studio Joneski in Hilversum. Pieter Kloos (Motorpsycho, Dool, 7Zuma7) took care of the mastering.

1. Outside The Dream
2. Eyeball
3. Hawk Rock
4. From Nowhere
5. Into The Blue
6. 7 Blows
7. Lies
8. Murder Ballad

Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: Tonzonen Records
Distribution: H'Art
Genre: Psychedelic Rock/ Blues
Release Date: 22/03/2019

Official: http://www.nomansvalley.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nomansvalley
Bandcamp: https://nomansvalley.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.tonzonen.de


Friday, January 25, 2019, 10:10 CET:



Known as pioneers of the new era noise rap scene Moodie Black has snuggly nestled themselves into alt rap lore. Over a decade strong Moodie Black has earned a reputation of being harshly uncompromising while showcasing their affinity for mood and atmosphere.

"Originally we had no intention on releasing MB I I I in the states. But this is 2019 and MB is world-wide so here it is. For this release we have teamed up with 2 French labels one is Atypeek Music who is handling the digital overseas content and the other is Rotorelief which will be releasing a 10 inch special edition vinyl that will include a track not on the digital release. Fake Four is also involved helping per usual with our states work.

Our world premiere was foiled. But MB is hardly ever contained. Thanks to the power of the content alone we have had the privilege of touring the world, being on one of the best labels in the country, and constantly popping up in national and international conversations in regards to our work. So. we continue on with MB I I I. We continue to destroy the glass ceilings.

«Noise rap pioneers» Moodie Black, called «brilliant and formidable» (Noisey), will release MB III, the third installment in a series of breakout EPs that began with MB which caught the attention of Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop) and led to their signing with label Fake Four Inc. Standout tracks «Hipster Death», «Crow», and «Totem» from the first two EPs are lauded by the group’s fanbase as cult classics.

The upcoming MB III EP is no exception, with Moodie Black referring to it as their «freshest work since Nausea.» The group’s most recent record Lucas Acid was released on Fake Four Inc. in April of 2018 and landed press features in OUT, Bandcamp, and Self- Titled Mag. Lead vocalist Kdeath says the new EP is also the precursor to the next full length record to be released this fall via Fake Four - Moodie Black S T A T I C.

Format: Digital, CD, 10"
Label: Atypeek Music/ Fake Four Inc. / Rotorelief
Genre: Underground Rap/ Noise
Release Date: 15/02/2019 (EU)

Official: http://www.moodieblack.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/moodieblackdeath
Bandcamp: https://moodieblackdeath.bandcamp.com
Atypeek Music: http://www.atypeekmusic.com
Fake Four Inc.: http://fakefourinc.com
Rotorelief: https://rotorelief.com


Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 11:51 CET:

MEMBRANE "Burn Your Bridges"


Membrane will release their new Album Burn Your Bridges in February 2019, it was recorded and mixed throughout 2018 by Mathieu Kabi {lndie Ear Studio, Rebel Assholes) and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker... ). More refined on the Production, Membrane has always evolved keeping its vitality and its urge to create. For now, two tours are planned: a French one with Sofy Major (February) and another one in Russia (July), both in support for Burn Your Bridge. Membrane are unmatched in playing rhythms, slow and with a focus on constant tension. Deep scars of distorted bass, frozen deep in heavy loud riffs. With Burn Your Bridges the band once again releases the beast!

Format: Digital, CD, LP
Label: Atypeek Music / Blind Prod.
Genre: Noise/ Post Hardcore / Sludge
Release Date: 11/02/2019

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/membranenoise
Bandcamp: https://membraneband.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.atypeekmusic.com


Wednesday, January 09, 2019, 09:16 CET:

Ni "Pantophobie":


Ni is a four-headed monster. The big bad Ni has left the linear roads of the French department of Ain, in order to live in a complex world paced by electrical sounds and varying polyrhythms. In its temple, shouts of the quartet make the windows crack, a stunning nervousness makes the walls stand and, finally, the strong foundations remove from ages to come all doubts regarding the durability of all these things. Inside, it is always like a squall: children run in all directions and parents dance around the bonfire. The waltz, the 4/4 time signature and verse and chorus structures take one last breath before being burned to ashes at the core of this fire.

After two EPs and many terrific tour dates in Europe that have almost broken the stages, it is time for Ni to release a new album. Ni invites all those who like frantic riffs to a huge party that celebrates a sweet barbarism. No reply is expected.

3 years after Les Insurgés de Romilly, and after having spent some time with PinioL, the band is coming back with the new album Pantophobie. While being faithful to his predecessors, but probably a bit darker, Pantophobie explores various fears as a main theme. The massive production is dedicated to head-banging. With this 4th release (2 EPs and 2 LPs), the quartet crushes their cigarettes very hard, dig a hole into the ground, and leave the listeners in ashes. The band recorded with Herve Faivre, from Igorrr, and worked with Rémy Boy (Gojira, Secret Chief, Ezekiel...) for the mix.

Format: CD, 2xLP, Digital
Label: Dur et Doux
Distribution: Inouie Distribution
Genre: Math-Rock/ Noise
Release date: 01/03/2019

Official: www.ni-music.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ni.ni.ni.music
Bandcamp: www.niiii.bandcamp.com
Label: https://duretdoux.com


Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 13:14 CET:



Collapse Under The Empire are back with the single Anomaly, out on December 21, 2018 via Finaltune Records. The track is a forerunner from the forthcoming album and it combines everything that Collapse Under The Empire developed in the last 10 years. Vivid synthetic sounds with guitar walls and the very own signature sound of electronic post-rock sound.

The new album The End of Something will be released in summer 2019 in line of the 10th anniversary of the duo. Furthermore, a retrospective LP box set with the best from 10 years of Collapse and some rarities is planned as a strictly limited, numbered and signed triple vinyl box.

The band was founded in summer 2008 in Hamburg and released their debut album Systembreakdown in spring 2009. Since then, Collapse Under The Empire have released instrumental, experimental and very atmospheric music on seven studio albums, 3 EPs and various singles, covering musical styles from post-rock to ambient to ice-cold electronica with references to Talk Talk and Mogwai.

Since their second album Find A Place To Be Safe (2010), Collapse Under The Empire have established themselves internationally in the post-rock scene and made a name for themselves. Influential international magazines such as Rock Sound, Q-Magazine and Clash are always enthusiastic about the band's cinematic and independent sound. Since 2012 the band releases their music on their own label Finaltune Records.

Collapse Under The Empire - Anomaly (official single): https://youtu.be/MGkqRfEQT2E

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/collapseundertheempire/Band
Official: https://collapseundertheempire.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1qMW2jc6DL9lqnxiEatMxQ


Friday, December 14, 2018, 09:00 CET:

KERRETTA "Exiscens":


Surprises. Remember those? The possibility of having to wait for some- thing and not knowing what it was about what it looked or sounded like, or what gift was inside. Like a present as a kid that you shook, hoping to hear the clickity-clunk of LEGO’s or feel the hard-fold of a book cover. You may have known what was inside, but there was still the ele- ment of surprise. The age-old feeling of deferred gratification.

“I wonder if it’s a bicycle?” Four years after the release of their third LP Pirohia (2014), Kerretta’s new LP captures tracks from around that time, as well as way back to their first recordings. Exiscens is a collection of digital-only released tracks, unreleased outtakes, new songs and rarities starting from the days prior to their first 7" release (2007) until now. From the bulldozer riffs of The Trouble With Us recorded around the same time as the Vilayer LP (2009) sessions, the ambient wash of Ornithomancy, a re-work of the Pitch Black track Bird Soul, to the recent and unleashed Chroma Queens. The vault has been cracked open to release some glorious goodies all ready for Xmas 2018.

Should you choose to pre-order Exiscens, you wont know what the album will sound like until release date. You wont see the cover until it’s either in your mailbox or digitally available. It does have the previously released tracks From Elbow To Claw and The Guardsmen on it. The surprise you won’t get: any tracks with any traceably noticeable ska, waltz, or EDM. These will all find a new home on heavy pressed 12" LP vinyl and digital. Surprises. Remember those?

1. Uncapital
2. The Trouble With Us
3. Are We Lost
4. Nothing Seismic
5. The Guardsmen
6. Chroma Queens
7. Ornothomancy
8. From Elbow To Claw

Format: LP, Digital
Label: Golden Antenna Records
Distribution: Broken Silence
Genre: Post-Rock
Release date: 14/12/2018

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kerretta
Bandcamp: https://kerretta.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.goldenantenna.com

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