Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 13:33 CET:

BELOW THE SUN "Alien World":


Hailing from little known Krasnoyarsk, deep in Russia’s vast and evocative Siberian landscapes, Below The Sun are set to release their second studio album, Alien World, via Temple of Torturous on 26th of May, 2017. The Russian four piece return with another progressive and atmospheric record that is ambitious as it is heavy.

Alien World is based on the science fiction novel Solaris by Stanislaw Lem; a 1961 tale that explores the nature of human memory in the context of complex communications between human and non- human life forms. The non-human life form that is at the centre of the story is an oceanic planet which is capable of bringing human memories into a physical form. The pelagic themes explored within the music on Alien World continues into the album artwork, which depicts an alternative view of the ocean.

The album was recorded at two different studios in the band’s home town of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. No synthesizers or samplers were used during the recording; all sounds were made by guitars, bass, drums and vocals, with some later processed by effects pedals. The band has built layer upon layer of audio explorations, with clear overtones of black metal in the bleak soundscapes, oppressive doom, and swirling, atmospheric metal.

With inspirations ranging from Pink Floyd to Khanate, Jimi Hendrix to Ahab, the influence of such bands is at times obvious, and at others no more than a subtle nod. The results leave the band hovering between genres, but no worse of for it. Choosing not to focus into what sub-genre they’re most suited to, Below The Sun instead focus on expressing the depths of human emotions via their music.

"With their identities shrouded in mystery, Below the Sun will never be stars, but this music shines bright nonetheless" - Kerrang!

Format: CD, Digital
Label: Temple Of Torturous
Distribution: Cargo Records, UK: Plastic Head, Switzerland: NonStopMusic, Benelux: Sonic Rendezvous, North America: RED Music
Genre: Post-Metal/ Doom
Release Date: 26/05/2017

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BelowTheSunBand
Bandcamp: http://belowthesundoom.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.templeoftorturous.com


Friday, March 24, 2017, 09:54 CET:

BJORN RIIS "Forever Comes To An End":


Forever Comes To An End is the sophomore full- length album from Airbag guitarist Bjørn Riis.

A highly respected guitarist within the internet guitar community, and with his own blog, followed by thousands of fans each week, Riis's musical journey
started back in his very early teens when bands like KISS and BLACK SABBATH held sway along with the heavily guitar-oriented side of the classic rock era of the '70's. The subsequent emergence of Progressive Rock bands such as PINK FLOYD, PORCUPINE TREE, MARILLION AND GENESIS, together with genres like Electronica and Movie Scores also played a huge role in the formation of the nascent guitarists' musical direction.

Forever Comes To An End is the follow up to 2014's highly acclaimed, and award-winning, Lullabies In A Car Crash and is set for release on the 19th of May.

Forever Comes To An End pays tribute to all these diverse influences. From the dark and dirty riffs of Toni Iommi and Zakk Wylde, to the emotional playing of David Gilmour and Steven Rothery. The melodic and sombre voice of Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness and the cinematic landscapes of composers like Thomas Newman and John Barry. And the whole is brought together by Riis very skilled and very individual touch.

Written and produced by Riis himself, and engineered and mastered by long-time collaborator Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes, Forever Comes To An End features guest appearances from AIRBAG’s Henrik Fossum on drums and Asle Tostrup on programming, Simen Valldal Johannessen from OAK on piano, and vocals from the Norwegian singer, SICHELLE MCMEO AKSUM.

Format: 2xLP, CD, Digital
Label: Karisma Records
Distribution: Soulfood (Germany), Plastic Head (International)
Genre: Symphonic Prog-Rock
Release Date: 19/05/2017

Official: http://www.bjornriis.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BjornRiisGuitarPage
Bandcamp: https://bjornriis.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.karismarecords.no


Friday, March 10, 2017, 11:04 CET:

LYNHOOD "Septembre":


Lynhood is Chloé Della Valle's solo act. She is a founder of Grenoble label [reafførests].

She: Chloé likes cold days and heartwarming food. She has played powerfully, roundly and rockily in severals bands, Oui Sabotage in particular. She has set up a lot of gigs for many musicians, she also films them most of the time.

Style: The 26 year-old bassist is obsessed with texture. Tirelessly, she strives to convey near- picturesque emotions through her music. Rules are simple and bring to mind a soft but raspy noise pop. Milky voice, crystalline loops, bow-played bass... The structure and movement of Septembre creates an intimate yet cloudy atmosphere.

In/Around: Skeletons, Father Murphy, Extra Life, Jonny Greenwood... These are a few of Lynhood's favorites. Her recurring guidelines & intentions: the concern for proper narration, chiaroscuro singing, woven strings and abyssal rhythms.

Tree official video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hn_f9VUnq4

Format: Digital, CD, LP
Label: Atypeek Music/ [reafførests]
Genre: Ambient, Experimental
Release Date: 31/03/2017 (EU)

Bandcamp: https://lynhood.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.atypeekmusic.com


Wednesday, March 01, 2017, 13:22 CET:

EMPHASIS "Black.Mother.Earth":


Emphasis set out to craft an earnest and personal sound through intense grooves and dark atmospheres. A blend of metal and post- rock marks the sonic coordinates of the project, with aggressive soundscapes fusing with melodic textures and lots of ambient drones. This Croatian band bridges the subtle gaps between genres, inspired by performers as diverse as Caspian, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, Enslaved or Isis among others.

The band was formed as a quartet in a small town of Čakovec in Međimurje region. They received praise and critical acclaim for their 2007 debut album, Elements of Morrow, which was a great blend of textural heavy metal, post-rock and alternative. On their second album, Gliding Over All, the band truly set out to refine their own sound formula, working towards implementing intricate melodic patterns, heavy guitar riffs, cymbal washes and other elements that further enrich the sound and textures of the band in a very innovative way; showing significant growth from their earlier record.

The band’s latest output, Black.Mother.Earth, is a collection of songs that are slow, heavy and doomy, with monolithic guitar riffs and massive rhythm sections. The sound further expands the band’s aural palette with exciting new musical ideas and collaborations, furthering the legacy of the local alternative metal music scene and reaffirming the band as one of the true pioneers of the local movement towards blending heavy music with post rock and instrumental compositions.

The cover artwork nicely complements the album’s sonic aesthetics and is created by the artist Ines Lala. The album cover depicts a grayscale texture that adds depth and vision to the sound, helping the listeners to achieve a more immersive listening experience. The title of the album, Black.Mother.Earth is the English translation of the novel by local author Kristian Novak, originally titled Črna mati zemla. This is also somewhat of an homage to the band’s region, as Novak comes from the same part of Croatia as the band.

Black.Mother.Earth is written, performed and produced by Emphasis: Danko Žganec, Ivan Pleh, Radovan Železnjak, Dino Pavleković. Vocals on Muna by Kristina Štebih, Iva Korunek, Aleksandra and Iva Trupković. Recorded and mixed by Tomislav Novosel at E-Minor Mobile Studios from February - October 2016. Mastered by Marius Costache st Studio 148 Romania. Samples by Bojan Miljančić (Eikonoise). Artwork by Ines Lala - www.linesdrawn.org.

Format: LP, Digital
Label: Geenger Records
Distribution: Rough Trade (GAS), Sonic Rendezvous (Benelux)
Genre: Post-Metal/ Post-Rock
Release Date: 28/04/2017

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/emphasiscro
Bandcamp: http://music.emphasis.band/
Label: http://geengerrecords.com


Monday, February 27, 2017, 12:19 CET:

OWUN "2.5.":


Owun appears in Grenoble, France, during the year 1992. The five-member band releases their first demo in 1995. «Petits Contes pour Enfants», their first album, released in 1996, introduces their style by a blend of noise, hardcore & new wave. The Owun quintet is then deeply rooted in the underground scene and share many a stage with Ulan Bator, Hint, Portobello Bones, Seven Hate, Tantrum, Condense and also UI, Laddio Bolocko, Cave... Their second opus, «Sillon» (1998), an 80s-flavored album rich in kitsch reverb effects, is produced by Jungle Productions and distributed by Tripsichord. They open for japanese psychedelic band Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO during their french tour in 1999. Owun partially disbands to record their third album «Ostensible?» (2001), which leaves only three membres in its wake. Ambient/drone & electro are now part of the equation. This closes Owun's first chapter. Fast-forward to 2007. The project is resurrected by the same last three members and a new guitarist. The formula tours regularly and records another album in 2011, «Le Fantôme de Gustav». Noise, shoegaze, new wave, drone & ambient, electro and still that hardcore edge below... Owun's complex sound universe takes another step forward. This new release is well-received far and wide by critics. From 2014 to 2017, Owun, now a trio again, focus on yet another effort. Their meeting with the label [reafførests] results in a series of powerful shows and quality videos. «2.5», Owun's latest creature of an album, and the fifth to date, is to be released in March 2017 by [reafførests] and Atypeek Music.

Format: Digital, CD
Label: Atypeek Music/ [reafførests]
Genre: Post-Rock
Release Date: 24/03/2017 (EU)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Owun-118074054889918/
Bandcamp: https://owun.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.atypeekmusic.com


Monday, February 27, 2017, 12:17 CET:



"Drums on earth, and the guitar in the air... Terebenthine explores, touches with simplicity, and tries to graze your soul, even to rush it. A rock duet that works with a sensitivity to disorder and order, to lightness and violence..."

Terebenthine is a post-rock band coming from Châlons/Paris. The band took in numerous influences going from poetry to music, and pours them into dreamy melodies enticing us to travel and breath in the soft feeling of freedom.

For these two former Cho Yang members (with whom they did the first part of gigs by NERVOUS CABARET, CABARET, EDITORS, AUCAN or FRENCH TOAST), Terebenthine is their escape, the vault where they sceal their dark side.


Format: Digital, CD, LP
Label: Atypeek Music, Poutrage / Pied de Biche / Arbouse Recordings
Genre: Post/Math-Rock
Release Date: 24/03/2017 (EU)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/duobatterieguitare
Bandcamp: https://terebenthine.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.atypeekmusic.com


Monday, February 27, 2017, 12:15 CET:



Gabriel Hibert is a french composer, multi- instrumentalist and performer born in 1979 in Toulouse. He played in several weird rock bands from 2004 to 2011, then he decided to focus on his own solo project. Currently his performance consists in playing simultaneously drums and a sampling pad, he can also use his voice more like an instrument treating it with effects.

The sound on Abducté could be described as contemporary ambient or cinematic music with some noise, industrial, experimental rock elements. After having self-produced the two rst albums he released his third record, Abducté, on vinyl in 2017.

1. Griserie
2. Guirlandes
3. Uranus
4. Acariens
5. Pianote
6. Matiere
7. Matrices
8. Inertie
9. Nimbus

Format: Digital, LP
Label: Atypeek Music
Genre: Experimental Rock
Release Date: 17/03/2017 (EU)

Official: http://gabrielhibert.fr
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gabriel.hibert
Bandcamp: https://acidegorp.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.atypeekmusic.com


Monday, February 27, 2017, 12:12 CET:

SCHLAASSS "Casa Plaisance":


Two year after having subjected its public thanks to SLAASSSCH, an album with 15 tracks as wild as the catchy title, the duo from Saint-Etienne lauches Fits second calm/peaceful album: Casa Plaisance.

Fully recorded by Schlaasss with KIKI aux intrus, Casa Plaisance is the achievement of a process as audio as visual that comes after about sixty concerts everywhere in France. The consoling lyrics and soothing melody are a chant of reconciliation, the second album of Schlaasss attracts with its 15 songs out of all music category which will blow away people who take things at face value and will delight the reckless ones. A detonation mixture for a duo that can count on many great fans. It is therefore thanks to them that Casa Plaisance has been released, after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

However, Schlaasss does not confine itself to express problems with music: the visual appearance is also viral. All the titles of the album will have a video clip and the stage performances will be as fractious as passionate. Composed of Charlie Dirty Duran (aka «La Bigleuse», «the one who squints») and Daddy Schwartz (aka «Le Grand Maigre», «the tall skinny guy»), and Kiki to Machinery and Compositions. Schlaasss continues to play on paradox and disrespect through a loud music that use the senseless for serious subjects. Two micros, some love and kisses, fluffs and dolphins: it’s the future.

Format: Digital, CD, LP
Label: Atypeek Music
Genre: Grime, Punk, Electro
Release Date: 24/2017 (EU)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Schlaasss/238961719557086
Bandcamp: https://schlaasss.bandcamp.com
Videos: http://www.schlaasss.fr/Videos.html
Label: http://www.atypeekmusic.com


Thursday, February 16, 2017, 14:00 CET:

SLEEPMAKESWAVES "Made Of Breath Only":


Sydney's post-rock trailblazers sleepmakeswaves have announced a massive start to 2017 with a plethora of tour dates and the quite sudden news that their third album Made of Breath only will be released March 31, 2017 through Pelagic Records!

Tundra is the pummelling first taste of this release, which was recorded and produced by Nick DiDia (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, PEARL JAM, KARNIVOOL): „A masterful rise- and-fall of breathless riffs and breathtaking atmosphere, the track pivots on scintillating guitars and epic climaxes towards a reflective final act“, Australia's only commercial rock radio station Triple J, where the track was premiered, commented.

During a recent reddit AMA, bassist/keyboard player Alex Wilson described the third sleepmakeswaves opus as having the "up-tempo pace and intensity" of their previous album "but there are more straight-up riffs and overall, it's angrier, sadder, and heavier."

In late 2016, the band put out a call to fans to help raise funds for their third album and a world tour through pre-orders via Australian crowdfunding site Pozible. They raised over $40,000 to cover the remaining costs of producing the record, which follows 2014's ARIA-nominated & J Award- nominated Love of Cartography.

In February, the band will kick off their touring as main support for reunited post-hardcore veterans UNDEROATH at a series of sold out theatre shows around Australia. In March, they will begin their headlining run in China with a 10-date tour playing their biggest clubs and theatres to date. Afterwards, they will return home to launch the new album with a headlining Australian tour, followed by New Zealand dates and another Australian tour, as direct support for progressive rock icon DEVIN TOWNSEND at theatres across the continents. Tours in the US and Europe are in the making for later in the year.

Format: 2xLP, CD
Label: Pelagic Records
Distribution: Cargo
Genre: Post-Metal
Release Date: 31/03/2017

Official: http://www.sleepmakeswaves.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sleepmakeswaves
Bandcamp: https://sleepmakeswaves.bandcamp.com
Label: http://pelagic-records.com


Monday, February 06, 2017, 14:00 CET:

ATAVISMO "Inerte":


In a short time, Atavismo has become one of the most interesting bands in the national music scene. Along with other bands, it’s living a true rebirth of Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, and Hard Rock in Spain. Blending tradition with new sounds, the proposal of this band from Algeciras (Cádiz) has been to develop an ever growing direction in terms of quality and inventiveness.

It has risen from the ashes of well known underground bands such a Viaje a 800 or Mind!. At this point, Atavismo cannot be considered a mere extension of these bands. The essence of its music has been transforming since they started playing, and credit cannot be given to anyone but themselves for the music they make.

Atavismo’s members are Sandra, drums and vocals, Mateo, bass guitar and back-up vocals, and Poti, guitars and vocals, proving to be a full-fledged power trio. In 2015, they produced their first album, DESINTEGRACIÓN, with a CD backed by several record labels in the domestic market, and a splendid vinyl edition released and distributed by Temple of Torturous, a Swedish label, for the international market. This album was a musical event, not only for the Spanish market, but also internationally, as it was significantly welcomed by specialized media such as the web site The Obelisk that considered it one of the best albums launched that year.

Their next release was a 7” split recorded with Grajo, a major Doom Rock band from Córdoba. Atavismo’s second album, INERTE, will be released now in 2017 by the Swedish label Temple of Torturous once again. This new album reflects an evolution towards more compact sounds, making a great effort to advance in the compositions, arrangements and vocals, and breaking away from their early Space Rock and long and hypnotic musical developments, product of improvisation. This does not mean Atavismo has abandoned their psychedelic or progressive spirit altogether. There are tracks such as “El Sueño” or “Volarás” lasting over 10 minutes and created to blow our minds with amazing landscapes. Without a doubt, the band has opted to explore new territories. The result, among other things, has been a submersion into the Andalusian rock legacy of the legendary band Triana, without losing sight of more current means of understanding psychedelic or progressive rock from bands like Blackmountain, Wolfpeople or Motorpsycho.

Without a doubt, INERTE is destined to be one the best albums of 2017.

Format: CD, LP, Digital
Label: Temple Of Torturous
Distribution GAS: Cargo Records, UK: Code7 & Plastic Head, Switzerland: NonStopMusic, Benelux: Sonic Rendezvous
Genre: Psych/ Experimental Rock
Release Date: 07/04/2017

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Atavismo-233096556878903
Bandcamp: https://atavismo.bandcamp.com
Label: http://www.templeoftorturous.com

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