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"Sweden is beautiful, in the summer! But the Swedish summer is like the bright moments on our album - very short!"

"The way we felt, physically and mentally, this bizarre state of lucidity beyond tiredness greatly affected the music"

Tomas Hallbom (Breach)

"Music for me now is more about simplicity, vibe, feeling and groove, instead of digits and numbers...math!"

Anders Ekström (Breach)
"I had pretentions... I wanted to experience music that I could not find elsewhere. I wanted uglyness to make out with beauty."

"I never thought anyone would ever really care enough to go through the trouble to set something like that up. It is flattering."

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
"Musik, unsere wie jede andere auch, muss die Seele berühren, das ist das einzig entscheidende Kriterium."

"It's not trashy noise and it's certainly not rage for rage's sake. It's about learning to coexist... It's about becoming a better person."


"What is greater? Making a few hundred grand off one catchy song, or have someone call you a classic. I'm more romantic about the later."

Richie Birkenhead (Into Another, Underdog)

"I felt completely free artistically and it brought out a great deal of honesty in my writing."

Old Man Gloom
"Monkeys funny and is cool. Monkeys jump jump jump."

Cave In
"Do you really want to hear the same old shit coming from the same old band, or do you want something new, something that you can grow with?"


"Rock has to be more than just a bunch of clowns putting on a show."

Youth of Today
"...what hit me the most is the fact that 20 years down the line, people still are into Youth of Today..."

Jacob Bannon (Dear Lover)
"Dear Lover is as personal and as emotional for me as any other material"

"Old men on acid falling down stairs."

"'s very important to me that the music is represented as it's own little microcosm."

Since By Man
"We wanted to come out and make a bang, we wanted everyone to hear it."

"People are weird. They should just pronounce it knut, like in didgeriknut or arnold knutenegger."

The Unlucky Few
"..we still feel compelled to waste untold time & money on the foolish pursuit of rock n`roll glory."

Porcell (Shelter, Youth Of Today, Judge)
"Live simply people, and be kind to the earth."

" anyone doing music, writing or absolutely anything you consider art. Do your art the rest is bi-product."