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Since By Man recently released their debut album "We Sing the Body Electric" on Revelation Records. It is a great mix of emotional, raw, yelling, screaming and heavy music. You might call them a "screamo" band. "We Sing the Body Electric" will surely knock you off your feet and as the subtle sentence printed on the CD says: Play it fucking loud!

Since By Man.

Could you please introduce yourself and your position in the band.

My name is Justin and I play stage left guitar for Since By Man.

Who came up with the band name and why did you take it? Where does it come from?

It was taken from a Händel orchestral piece entitled "Since by man came death". We decided the came death part was too hesh so we cut it short. No more significant meaning than that.

How would you describe your music?

Heavy, loud, dancy guitar driven hardcore punk/indie rock and roll.

Let`s get into the lyrical world of Since By Man, who writes them, what is the inspiration etc.?

Sam "I`m the singer!" Macon writes all the lyrics. That`s his domain. For the most part the lyrical content is based on personal topics, but it does have underlying political overtones - usually dealing with our place in modern culture, the human over consumption of everything. Nothing too specific, nothing really finger pointing specifically, but just a lot of comments on what it is like growing up and living in (I know this is cliché) a consumerist society.

Since By Man - live.

In addition to the musical and lyrical aspects, how important is a visual theme (the artwork) for
a release? It seems that you guys have a pretty detailed artwork, who designed it?

The artwork is extremely important to us. It is just part of the total package. It is always impressive to me when a band has its fingers in their release from beginning to end. That is why we as a band spend so much time on our art. That is half the fun for us. I do the actual physical clicking of the mouse to do the execution, but the whole band is there the whole time giving direction and telling exactly what they want to see happen with it. As an artist there are always things I would like to see done a little better, but that`s more or less a personal critique of myself as a designer. But that is more or less from a technical standpoint. A far as the imagery and themes presented I`m really happy with the way it turned out.

Is the artwork somehow a visual portrayal of the music?

The cover is really abstract, but the most concrete way to say what it means would be that we wanted to make an impact with this release. We wanted to come out and make a bang, we wanted everyone to hear it. We wanted everyone to at least see that we exist. We don't expect everyone to like it- hell, I am really picky about the bands that I like myself. But just the fact that the colors and the imagery used and the music itself are getting peoples attention to notice us is a victory in and of itself for us. The fact that the art within the CD, visual and audio (the music itself) has gone over so well thus far is an awesome by product of that.

I read that you guys are planning to tour Europe this summer, when will you fly over?? Ever been on this side of the ocean? What do you expect?

We are flying over on June 4th. We are getting in to town and doing a few shows before we go record in Bremen, Germany to do a split with Marco of Avocado Booking /Join The Team Player's band Paint The Town Red. We have lots of stuff still to be worked out for Europe, We are getting it all figured out right now. Needless to say we are really excited!

Since By Man - European tourposter.

What`s your greatest concern about the world right now?

My only concern in anything right now is that people should do exactly what it is in life that makes them happy. Don't do shit now that makes you miserable in anticipation of being happy later on. That`s stupid. Just be happy now. Do what you want to do now. This is especially relevant in my life right now because my mother has to start a whole new life for herself and I`m watching her struggle to find where she wants to go. She is just doing everything she couldn't do before and it`s making her happy, and I love to see that. I know this seems so naive and stupid, but it`s hard to put into words. It`s just really on my mind because in my life family comes first.

Ok let`s get political, what do you think about the war on Iraq? Is it justified?

I think the war in and of itself is stupid. We all know there are a lot of sides to this war but the US obviously has way too much of an overbearing hand in everyone else's politics. It`s all part of the American globalization. It`s bullshit. People around the world are already wearing Nike's and eating at Mc Donald's, we can at least let them elect their own damn leaders. Although I would like to say Saddam Hussein is a fucked up individual. There's a lot to it that can't be summed up in one question, but there are people all over the US and all over the planet that don't want this war to happen. Lots of people. the unfortunate thing is that 9/11 blinded so many Americans as to why these things happen - what is the American foreign policy that makes the world hate us so much? The war on terror is a joke. It`s just an excuse for America to throw it's weight around and try to push other countries into being a part of our disgusting global culture.

Yep my opinion too. Last question: what makes you happy?

Art in all forms- visual and audio. I love playing music, I love painting, I love designing. I get the same gratification out of all of this which is why I will never be doing music for sake of being cool, getting laid, getting signed etc. I`m doing this because I love it. I love doing this in the same way that I love designing books and posters and drawing in my sketchbook. It`s all creative fulfilment.

Alright, thanks for the interview, anything else you`d like to add?

Come see us in Europe! We've been dying to get over there. We are really excited. and


Interview conducted by Magnus Jaschke in March 2003.