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KNUT is a heavy and hard rocking band from Geneva, Switzerland. They play a monstrous fusion of metal and hardcore with plodding rhythms and grinding speeds. Check them out. -

Knut. Pic: Jason Hellmann.

Please introduce yourself and your position in KNUT!

Roderic, I play drums in this Swedish band called Kaaâh-nooo'ht.

Didier: I yell in Knut and I'm currently learning to yodle, so we can make it into world music.

For all American/ English readers, how is the name KNUT pronounced? On several messageboards the name caused some pronounciation problems. I noticed the wildest theories...

Roderic: People are weird. They should just pronounce it knut, like in didgeriknut or arnold knutenegger.

Didier: Documented prononciation: Keh-nooht, Kaynoot, Kay Nut, Nut, Noot, whatever chief…

What's the meaning of it?

Roderic: Good question. Now that we're in our early 30's, why not settle down?

Didier: Why the fuck haven't we done that FAQ yet?

How long has KNUT been together? Could you give a little background on the band?

Didier: This qualifies for the FAQ as well don't you think? We have been in this for over 8 years now, we have had stuff out, check out the website: We started to do really tours like 4 years ago and have had the chance to play with Tantrum, Systral, Converge, Botch, Isis, Thrones, Keelhaul, Creation is Crucifixion, Neurosis, Ananda, even Catpower and a few others…

The band is bigger in the USA than here in Europe, why? What do you think are the reasons, because "normal" metal bands like Heaven Shall Burn or Caliban are really popular overhere?!

Roderic: I don't want to be normal!!! I don't want to be popular!!! I don't want to go to the burning heaven or be eaten by a caliban (is this a cross between a cannibal and a taliban?)

Didier: We don't think about this. We think about doing new songs, recording them, make contact with the dudes who carry the baby afterwards and we also worry about touring. Who we're gonna play with, where we are gonna play and will we get everything we asked on the rider?

How would you describe the musical landscape or scene of heavy music in Switzerland? Maybe in comparison to other European countries and the heavy music more popular in Switzerland or is the situation just like in Germany?

Didier: Hard to compare the ant to the elephant. Switzerland is small, tiny, microscopic. There a few good bands I know, most of them are in Geneva. Yep, there are fans of heavy music, it must be 0.1% of the population out of
7 million. You do the math!

For anyone who doesn't know you guys, how would you describe the sound of KNUT?

Roderic: Wheeee-wheeeee-djugdjugdjugdjug "uuuaaaargh!!!"

Oh well perfect description man ha ha! Your latest successful effort entitled "Challenger" reminds me somehow of COALESCE'S great "Give them Rope" album. The production, the sound is similar thick and you guys appreciate COALESCE? What are some of your musical influences?

Roderic: Coalesce is good. I want more Coalesce. Can I have some Melvins, Today is the Day, Swans, Godflesh, Neurosis, Unsane, Helmet, Black Sabbath, Sleep, Kyuss, Soundgarden, Napalm Death, Entombed, Eisenvater, Meshuggah, Voivod, Deadguy, Kiss it Goodbye, Bloodlet, Breach, The Jesus Lizard, Don Caballero, Dazzling Killmen, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Chrome, Merzbow, Laswell, Scorn, Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich?

Didier: And Tool. Don't forget Tool!

As a writer I'm really interested in the band's lyrical content. Who writes the lyrics and what are the influences, inspiration etc.?

Roderic: I will have to let Didier answer that one.

Didier: Abstract lyrics to take out those fuzzy inner feelings. Read them and you'll see what you get out of it. No political agenda though.

Knut. Pic: Jason Hellmann.

You run your own label Snuff Records, tell me about it: bands, history, experiences...

Roderic: So we're in Geneva, it's the mid-90's, all of a sudden we hear these pleasant sounds coming out of the caves and cellars. We decide to help extracting this material in order to bring it to people's attention. This noise surgery needed a label called Snuff, no question. A rewarding experience if you ask me, though excessively time/money-consuming. Still, any city or scene needs people to join forces and spread the word.

Ok two questions I keep asking in every interview: what is your greatest concern about the world right know?

Roderic: I have no outstanding comment to make on the state of the world. Ask Zach de la Rocha.

Didier: The world is fucked up. How is the weather in Germany?

Zack de la Rocha is a pussy and there`s too much water in Germany these days...
I'm always trying to find out what makes me really happy...and well, I don`t really know it, maybe my love for music & art, maybe some close people....what makes you happy?

Roderic: Right now, listening to the new Pan American CD is enjoyable enough. In general I try not to focus too much on the idea of happiness, at least I don't formulate how I see it. I mainly try to stay away from sadness and sometimes I fail. Art is certainly a good escape.

Didier: The monthly check, the condo, my BMW, my great wife and my 5 kids and let us not forget Goofy my pure german shephard dog.

Ok let`s talk about BLOODLET: I know from a buddy of mine that Roderic is just like me and four other people in whole Europe a huge fan of BLOODLET. What is your favorite BLOODLET record and what do you think of the new record? By the way my favorite record is "The Seraphim Fall".

Didier: The Seraphim Fall is almighty! This is one of the records in the guitar dept. that everyone in Knut agrees
on being a huge, massive, dense, inspirational record. I'm a lazy fuck, I haven't put my hands on the latest one, but Bloodlet is huge!

Roderic: Same here. But from what I've heard I'm afraid they haven't surpassed Seraphim with the new album. It seems to be less thick and oppressive, with even clean vocals now, right? Anyway, I've got to check it out.

Yep the new record has clean vocals and isn`t as thick and intense as "The Seraphim Fall" but it`s an awesome record. Sad news has arrived me at my office some minutes ago: BREACH has split up. What do you think? I think they were truly one of the best and most innovative European bands!

Didier: Breach is RAD! Love them. Loved their studio experimentation. And the sound, boy! Let Breach rest in peace.

Roderic: Yeah too bad, especially since I only saw them live once. Those guys had a truly original sound.

What's next, any plans? Have you guys written any new material lately?

Didier: Little Haikus that I hope to integrate in our Space Rock Opera that will be finished in 2007.

Hahahaha alright, thanks for your time. Anything else you`d like to add?

Didier: Fucking gotta do the FAQ! Never forget death, now is the time.

Roderic: Thanks for the interview, see you sometime.

Interview conducted by Magnus Jaschke in August 2002.