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In 1997 Coalesce recorded their debut full length, the now classic "Give Them Rope" album was the result. 7 years later "Give Them Rope" is still an exceptional and groundbreaking album for the international Hardcore and Metal scene. Not many bands ever reached the intense and brutal heaviness, lyrical honesty and technical precision of Coalesce. Recently "Give Them Rope" was re-released, completely remixed/ remastered and with a new coverartwork. We finally took some time to interview singer and frontman Sean Ingram.

Why did you re-release the "Give Them Rope" record and for all who haven't heard it already what's exactly the difference to v1.0?

Sean Ingram: Well, the first one was plagued with problems from the mastering to the artwork. There was a little buzz over Coalesce in the day, but nothing like there was after we broke up, so I took advantage of the situation to realize the record the way it was planned and should have been in the beginning. We actually remixed it while we were at it, and did some of the vocal work like we did on 0:12. I think it listens better personally. The mastering now allows you to hear the guitar work, which was mud originally, and the original concept for the layout is now perfectly detailed, now that I had what, 2 years to work on it. So i'm very pleased with it. My favorite record.

My favorite Coalesce record too. Who is responsible for the new artwork and is there any connection between artwork, music & lyrics? Do you think it is important for the artwork and the music to relate somehow?

Sean Ingram: Matt Daley is responsible for executing the theme. If you listen to the lyrics, I reference the character on the cover several times. I always think it's important for the sound, lyrics, and art to always relate.

Please tell our readers the meaning of the title and the story behind it!

Sean Ingram: Well, the new title just includes who is saying the title, and v.2.0 just makes it clear it's the remake. The title "Give Them Rope" is an open theme of choice. You can climb or hang yourself, it's your decision what you do with it.

What are the lyrical influences on "Give them Rope (She Said)"? What provided inspiration etc.?

Sean Ingram: I've alway been a huge lyrical fan of Manard Keenan and Lisa Loeb. I always seem to draw from them no matter what I try to write. Lately it's Nina from the Cardigans. She is so underated it's not even funny. People think of the song that goes "love me love me, say that you love me" but if you check out their later stuff, it's extremely painful, and I wish I could write like that.

And what are the musical influences and inspiration on "Give Them Rope (She Said)"?

Sean Ingram: Jes was always a big Metallica fan, and a huge Cranberries fan at the time. I can't speak for him, but I know his influences didn't come from the Hardcore/ Metal scene.

"Give Them Rope (She Said) features some legendary guitar work of Jes Steineger, what is he up to these days? Still making music?

Sean Ingram: He's no longer active in music, but he's very active in his studies, and spiritual work.

For many people over here "Give Them Rope (She Said)" is the best & classic Coalesce record. Do you finally feel satisfied with it and proud to know you've created something like a classic?

Sean Ingram: I'm always proud to hear people speak of anything I was a part of in that manner. When it comes down to it, what is greater? Making a few hundred grand off one catchy song, or have someone call you a classic. I'm more romantic about the later. Makes the work seem worth doing in the first place. We had many fights, lots of hurt feelings, but in the end, I have something my kids are going to love (I hope).

Ok let's talk about your new projects... what' s up with Deathbed Atheist, what's the concept of it? Could you please give our readers some insight into this project? Besides you, who is involved?

Sean Ingram: As with all the projects I work with, the names keep changing. I can say that i'm hard at work with former Coalesce member Nate Ellis and Elevator Division drummer Sammy on a new progressive loud heavy band. It doesn't sound like Coalesce, but it's got the same feel. It doesn't have a name, but we are on a regular rehearsal schedule, and it feels fucking awesome.

Please introduce BCD Records, what's the idea with it? I've heard you're doing a series of one sided screenprinted records... what are the bands?

Sean Ingram: Well, I started a screenprint company and Blue Collar Distro as a means to stay active in music and make a living at the same time, and it's going great. We finally became financially stable enough to try out records. Our first release on our own is coming out in a couple of weeks and it's a split 7" with Motion City Soundtrack and Limbeck. It's on a one sided 7" and screenprinted on the other. We took a job for Hydra Head to do the House Of Low Culture 12" and it turned out so great, we decided to do it a lot. Our next project is being planned, but right now it stands to be a Jesus Lizard tribute, 4 bands, Coalesce, Esoteric, F-minus, and Filthy Jim all covering one Lizard song. Same deal, one sided 12" screenprinted. We want to bring back the fun aspect of collecting records again, kinda like Sub Pop used to do. The only difference is we are including a free cd (not CD-R) with the record so you can add good copies of the tracks to your ipod, and share them. it's such a simple idea, but I haven't seen it done yet. We'll see how it goes.

Isn't it very expensive (for you and the buyer)?

Sean Ingram: For us, we are charging a pretty small mark up. The printing alone is expensive in man hours. The CD doesn't offset it that much, which is why I'm suprised no one has done it. We are doing limited runs, so it makes more sense.

What is going on concerning a Coalesce DVD? Is it in progress and what will it feature?

Sean Ingram: I honestly have no idea. I sent an e-mail asking what's up, but I don't know. If Relapse doesn't want to do it, or if they are super busy, I'll try to do it now I have a company that can, but it's supposed to feature all of our house shows and more popular shows that people talk about. It was just too much for me to try to judge what is good and bad in the tapes so I sent it off to a friend at Relapse that was better equiped to do so. I haven't heard word in about a year.

Any plans of There Is Nothing New Under The Sun Redux, what will be different to the original release?

Sean Ingram: Yeah, we are going to make it into an all in one cover CD. We'll have all the covers we did in our career on it, plus the Jesus Lizard track, and we covered Falco's "Amadaus" as a joke and made fun of ourselves and all the shit I got into with political kids over the years. I'm going to redo the singing tracks on the Zeplin part too. Listening to those makes me cringe.

Do you remember any cool stories about the Coalesce/108/Bloodlet tour? Did you like 108 (at least musically)?

Sean Ingram: Dude, too many to write down. We loved that tour, it was our first tour ever. We played for $50.00 a show and didn't have enough money to live, but it was the best. I like 108, I always did. Rob Fish is hard to deal with, and I dislike Krishnas in general, but it didn't stop us from getting along and learning from them. Bloodlet was a blast too. I remember Jes taking a shit in a bag and hiding it in their van. I remember Matt taking a drag off of a bums cigarette that was laced with crack or something and him super high. We met the producer who worked on "Appetite For Destruction" on the streets of New York, that was awesome. Too many memories.

Please comment the following "keywords":

-Vinyl Nerd

Sean Ingram: Slang term for people who know the numbers and press runs of their favorite records/ bands. We named our vinyl imprint this.

-18 Visions

Sean Ingram: Recently implied they would beat me up if I ever came to OC in A.P. because I said they wanted to beat me up in '96 or '97. It doesn't make sense, but regardless I e-mailed their singer guy and our weak feud is squashed as of now.

-Coalesce European Tour

Sean Ingram: Pfft, please, if only.

-"I care about hardcore, but I hate the scene"

Sean Ingram: Anyone over the age of 24 starts to realize.


Sean Ingram: It makes me sad.

-Bush administration

Sean Ingram: Well orchestrated. Terror level goes up, gas goes up. It's over for them, there is no way they can get another term.

Thanks for the interview. Anything else you'd like to add or say?

Sean Ingram: Thanks a lot!

Interview conducted by Magnus Jaschke in August 2004.