If we can believe what is written in electronic devices and sent out to the world through fiberglass, Old Man Gloom was formed by Aaron Turner and Santos Montana as a result of a three week trip back to New Mexico, where Aaron originally is from. This happened in the summer of 1999. Out of boredom they decided to put a band together and within two weeks they wrote and recorded their first album "Meditations in B". Back in Boston they added the noisy soundscape elements and put it out on Tortuga Recordings. Aaron finally convinced Santos, who to this point lived in New Mexico, to move over to Boston and little by little the 5-piece got together with Nate Newton - once Jesuit, now Converge, Caleb Scofield of Cave In and Luke Scarola. They put out 3 albums so far and a fourth record just got released - Old Man Glooms Christmas Eve's background music for all the neat families and their kin.

The team is very busy in their various labs, but Nate was so kind and spent the whole afternoon answering our questions.

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Cartoon by Tim - Harlot of the Colour and the Shape. Interview conducted by Yuky in December 2003.
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