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Heidi from Germany got the chance to interview Hansl and Seppl from the ugly Daughters. Read what came out motherfucker!

Heidi: Let's start with the formalities. Please introduce yourself.

Hansl: I am the formalist.

Seppl: One time I bit this guy's chest.

Heidi: To all those who haven`t heard the Daughters, how would you describe them?

Hansl: Old men on acid falling down stairs.

Heidi: Why did As the Sun Sets split up? I`ve heard you had problems with your old record label
Undecided Records...

Hansl: It seems As The Sun Sets became impossible to continue. On going situations with members, and never
being able to see eye to eye with a certain record label helped contribute to the decision to end the band.

Seppl: Yeah, horray for Undecided Records.

Heidi: Some lines of the lyrics seem very sarcastic or ironic to me, that song title "My stereo has mono and so does my girlfriend" eg. What does sarcasm and irony mean to you?

Hansl: There's nothing like a well-ironed shirt.

Heidi: Oh I love ironing!

Hansl: ...yeah im down.

Seppl: I think an element of sarcasm is important in pretty much anything. It gives people a socially palatable
way of voicing opinions or ideas that would not otherwise get!

Heidi: Ok let`s talk about rock. What drives you guys to create such extreme music?

Hansl: Not to sure. The combination of coffee and dietary supplement pills does a number on me.

Heidi: How did you settle on the type of music you would play and how would you describe the writing process in general?

Hansl: Crazy glue? Those fumes. Good god damn.

Heidi: What are your plans with the Daughters, any new releases, albums in the near future?

Hansl: A new record is due out this july. The future is more focused on touring than recording.

Heidi: What makes you happy?

Hansl: Daughters.

Seppl: If my penis was a flame thrower, I'd be so happy.

Heidi: Last question: I`ve heard you guys wanna tour Europe soon, when exactly you think you will fly over the ocean to "old Europe"?

Hansl: Hopefully 2004.

Seppl: I say... "word!"

Seppl`s flame thrower: Soon as possible.

Heidi: Alright, thanks for your time, anything else you`d like to add or say?

Hansl: Thanks for thinking of us to interview.

Interview conducted by Magnus Jaschke in May 2003.